Working Modules

MRC Nepal works for the socio-economic development of the poor people at the grass root level. Needy targeted beneficiaries are identified and promoted in partnership locally. The local initiatives and the local resources are the precursors for any program for partnership with MRC Nepal. Social capital in terms of human infrastructure is very crucial. Hence, human resource development in the grass root people organization is important. MRC Nepal always works for the individuals in the group.

The grass root level human resources for the effective management of the groups (social mobilization) and promotion and successful conveyance of program activities are developed as village level subject matter technical leader. The members from the groups are proposed for the development of cadre from the consensus of the group. Such cadres are the volunteers for the supporting group activities.

There are two types of working modules adopted by MRC Nepal; one is a two years modules and the other is a three years modules. Generally the three year's module is followed in a little advanced society/group for institutional, skill development and transfer of applied technologies. The two years working module is followed in the group where social mobilization works already performed and functional group exists. In this module, program activities are directly implemented from reviewing and/or restructuring of the group. The module for the program is as follows:

Step 1: Group recognition, village level specialists’ development and pilot testing of implementing project activities in the 1st year

Step 2: Production and Implementation/commercialization/ scale of Core and tested activities in 2nd year

Step 3: Preparing self-sustaining Self Help Groups (SHGs) in 3rd year