Prevention of Tuberculosis for marginal people of Makwanpur district.

Project Area: Makwanpur

Project Time: 2010-2011

Project Donor: Stop TB Partnership/WHO

Improving Livelihood and sustainable development of pro poor and marginal people through eco friendly vegetable farming (Livelihood-3 projects)

Project Area: Makwanpur, Chitwan

Project Time: 2011-2014

Project Donor: GIZ-STPP

Management of wild Honey bee colonies for Biodiversity Conservation, improving Crop Yield and hive Products in inner terai of Nepal (Bio-diversity and livelihood)

Project Area: Bara

Project Time: 2011-2012

Project Donor: UNDP-GEF-SGP

Efficient Land management for Socio Economic Enhancement in Southern Nepal (Livelihood and DRR-2 Project)

Project Area: Chitwan, Makwanpur, Bara, Parsa

Project Time: 2012-2017

Project Donor: OPEC-OFID

Strengthening Model Farm of Agricultural income generation activities for enhancing livelihood of the disadvantaged rural people (Livelihood-7 project)

Project Area: Illam, Morang, Sunsari, Nawalparasi, Kapilvastu, Dang, Banke, Bardia, Surkhet and Kailali

Project Time: 2012-2014

Project Donor: GIZ-STPP

Improving Livelihood of Marginalized people through socio ecological production landscape (Land management & livelihood)

Project Area: Makwanpur

Project Time: 2013-2014

Project Donor: UNDP-GEF-SGP

Promotion of Hood Stove for reducing indoor pollution and fuel wood (Health and Energy)

Project Area: Makwanpur

Project Time: 2015-2018

Project Donor: GIZ/Ensev/Practical Action

Mitigation of environmental impact caused by shifting cultivation and livelihood enhancement of rural community (Agro-forestry, environment conservation and livelihood)

Project Area: Tanahu, Kaski

Project Time: 2014-2015

Project Donor: USAID-WWF-CARE-FECCOFUN, NTNC, Hariyo Ban Program

Immediate Relief support to Earth Quake Victim (Disaster relief support)

Project Area: Makwanpur, Tanahu

Project Time: 2015-2017

Project Donor: Self Funded

Improve Livelihoods of Earthquake Victims for Building Back Better (B3) in Makwanpur District of Nepal

Project Area: Makwanpur

Project Time: 2015

Project Donor: Stromme Foundation

Enhance Livelihoods of marginal and Earthquake Victims for building back better (B3) in Makwanpur District of Nepal

Project Area: Makwanpur

Project Time: 2016-2017

Project Donor: TEAR FUND Nepal