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Participation of sensitization on peace visioning workshop wishes what nepal should have to be.

Empowerment Initiated for Self Sustained Livelihood

MRC Nepal has a mission to enrich lives supporting biodiversity inorder to provide various socio economic, educational and environmental services to anybody in need.


    On farm and Off farm Income generating activities, Enterprenuership development, Market promotion, Micro finance and saving/credit mobilization.


    Natural Habitat and Species Conservation, Climate Change, Biodiversity, ecosystem, disaster risk reduction and management.

  • Education & Human Rights

    Applied research, Advocacy, Counseling, Human Right Policy Issues, Self-governing institutions, Advancing peoples’ interest.


    Health education, Nutrition, Water sanitation & Hyegine(WASH), Mobile health clinics and immunization programs and fight against epidemic diseases.

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“We Can’t Help Everyone, but Everyone Can Help Somone.” - Ronald Reagan

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Hathani Tharuni, 35 years old single woman, is living with her two daughters in a landless settlement of Khaireni VDC of Chitwan district. Illiterate Hathani is solely responsible to feed her family after her husband death on an accident. She was grappling with poverty and wages made from labor is only means to solve hand to mouth problem of her family.

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