Wake of New Life from the Vegetable Production

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A 36 year old Mr. Bhupendra Pulami Magar (Janjati) husband of Mrs. Yam Kala Pulami Magar of vegetable model farm producer in Dasharathpur VDC Ratatar, Surkhet expressed with great happiness of getting unexpected and attractive income from cucumber planted in early March 2012 in about 400m2 area of very marginal land degraded river bed.

He never have had this income before. To date (last of April 2012), he harvested 3 times of about 170kg cucumber, sold Rs.40 per kg equivalent to NRS. 6,800 within a shortest period of time. Still he expects 5 more harvesting and earn worth Rs. 10,000(>). In his own words, he says this is more than Arab to me and committed for scaling up the production. His wife also actively accompanied with him and have been planting bottle gourd, beans and sponge gourd in other 500m2 of land. This pair are highly motivated and encouraged to become a model farm commercial vegetable producer and positively convinced to other neighbors to be involved in commercial vegetable farming.

Also in his words, wake of new life from the vegetable production granted by GIZ/STPP/MRC Nepal. He sincerely thanked to GIZ/STPP/MRC Nepal for supporting this genuine and effective income generation activities which directly address his better livelihood.