Best earning on my own farm land said by Pramila Devi Paswan

26Mrs. Pramila Devi Paswan, aged 34, Haraiya -6, Milanchok, Bara, Nepal was facing daily problems to sustain her 10 dependent member's family, without education and quality health, only from the earning of her traditional farming and husbands' driving occupation. Previously, she had cultivated rice and maize in their respective season, without vegetables, besides keeping the land fallow rest of the time. She was enforced to do daily wages on others' landlord field to meet her family's demand.


She was engaged in the group/ beneficiaries of "Efficient land management for socio-economic enhancement in southern Nepal" project financially supported by OFID and technically supported by MRC-Nepal plus achieved technical and input support in October 2012. Aftermath, according to her, she was motivated towards seasonal and off-season vegetable from subsistence to commercial farming and achieved unexpected and attractive income from cucumber, bitter gourd, bottle gourd okra and cowpea planted in early February 2013 in about 672m2 areas of marginal riverbed land nearby the Pasaha River.


27Within two and half months she earned more than Nrs 29,000 equivalent to $5,394/ha from that land. Still harvesting is continuing. She feels very happy because of her changed occupation from daily wages to her own farm occupation. From that success, she now plans to cultivate early winter offseason cauliflower in larger scale.


28In her own word, “practical based training and quality inputs provided by the MRC Nepal with the support of OFID is very encouraging for the resource poor producers and expecting support for long time till we became self reliant on vegetable farming”. At the end, adding in her own word “OFID support really granted me the new life by addressing improved livelihood, now it become quite easier to maintain livelihood for my large members of family. Now my children will get chance to study with this increased income." She added "Last but not least I would like to thank OFID for financial support and MRC Nepal for technical support on land management". of my marginal riverbed land and livelihood upliftment.

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